The Food Guys are two friends with more than 40 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. 
As a food consulting firm, they establish restaurants, improve existing ones and have the magic of turning any food/restaurant idea into a reality. 
Their goal is to never serve customers with disappointing meals thus assuring that food quality is always up to par. Moreover, they work with hospitality owners to build and rebrand concepts that would create brands that are memorable.
Jake and Roy are specialists in building a brand from ideation to opening day and beyond. 
They work on hotels, restaurants, cafes and delivery concepts; educating staff on everything from front-of-house polish to perfect plating, while also focusing on the balancing act of financials and profit and loss.
They feel particularly strongly about building hospitality business models that are sustainable, in that they put people
and the planet first and products second, allowing for both a living wage for employees and an environmental awareness.

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