The Patate plans to be London’s up and coming hip burger joint: a concept that was a French recipe adapted to street food market and sold in such markets. It proved to be a great success and has achieved wide popularity in London’s street food markets. Today, the concept is transitioning into a restaurant with the goal of becoming a chain restaurant in the near future.

The idea started between two French chefs that were originally classmates who wanted to create a one of a kind burger that consists of Beef bourguingnon topped with a special cheese wrapped in a special sauce and placed in a delicious freshly baked buns and certainly a side of French fries.

The restaurant’s vibe aims to include a customer experience that is just as exquisite as that of the food offering. An open kitchen, a fresh meat’s aroma, and a mouthwatering cheese display are some of the outstanding elements that will differentiate us in the market and attract the buzz we are looking for.

The restaurant’s ambiance and great food experience will need the right and matching outstanding branding elements in order to complete and perfect our customer journey as a whole.


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